Another busy day at the office!

Wondering what we might be up to during our actual work days? Why yes, I’d love to tell you. Of course, in large part our days consist of doing what our actual work roles are: programming, maintaining customer service, contacting potential partners, updating social media, brainstorming sessions, and so on, but sometimes things at our…


The KorEstate Family

Now, while KorEstate in and of itself is a family of websites intertwined together to form a home lifestyle platform, the hardworking staff of KorEstate is nothing short of a family to each other, unless blood relations are taken into account. The relatively low number of working members of the KorEstate currently ensures our ability…


TOP 5 Lesser Known Sights You Must See in Seoul

Every time you read an article about sights to see in Seoul, you always see the same things being mentioned: Namsan Tower, Insadong, Gyeongbokgung, and so on. But what are some other nice little things to see and do while in Seoul that you might now know about? Here are some of the best sights…


Trademarks and the Other Kobo

For full transparency, we want to share this bit of news with you guys. A lot of you might have already been wondering about it, too. So… The name ‘Kobo’ is basically shortened from ‘KorBot’ or ‘KorEstate Robot’. We created it rather quickly, and though we knew of the existence of the Kobo e-reader, we…

Open Source Software

Open-sourcing: How are we using it?

Up until now, we have mentioned on the page for our Kickstarter campaign that our product will be operating on an open-source system as opposed to Amazon and Google’s closed systems, but what does this actually mean? You can read more on open sourcing right here, while this post will focus on displaying in a concise…

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Kobo Kickstarter campaign LIVE NOW!

Guess what, everyone? Our Kickstarter campaign for Kobo was launched this morning! Kobo’s Kickstarter campaign page is RIGHT HERE and it will be running for the next 40 days, during which you can go check it out, share it with your friends, and even contribute to our project to help us reach our goal! Your credit…


Kobo Prototype Demo

Still skeptical of whether our upcoming product Kobo actually works or not? Watch this video to find out!   Are you ready to experience all this, and more, first-hand yourself now?? Better be on the lookout for our Kickstarter campaign later this week!


How Will AI Affect Our Lives?

The term “AI” aka “artificial intelligence” keeps being thrown around like candy, to the point where it’s impossible not to have heard of it and have some sort of idea what it is (to get a clearer image of what it is, here‘s a post we recently wrote), but do you know how the inevitable…

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Why Should YOU Get a KOBO?

While we’re still gearing up to launch our Kickstarter campaign (which should be live by the end of this week!), let’s take this moment to our advantage and talk a little bit about why Kobo is such a great addition, not only to our product family, but to your family. We’ve been heavily advertising Kobo on Facebook…


Introducing… Gwangjin-gu!

The second neighborhood to be introduced in series is actually not just a neighborhood, but a district called Gwangjin-gu, comprising of many exciting neighborhoods. Gwangjin-gu, residing towards the Eastern side of Seoul, is the home of multiple universities, several parks, and copious amounts of other things to do, besides being a largely residential area. To…